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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Pay A Seller's Agent Commissions?

No. You just pay a Flat Listing Fee to the agent.

Do I Have To Pay A Buyer's Agent Commissions?

Yes. If a Buyer’s agent sees your listing on the MLS and brings a buyer you must pay the buyer’s agent a commission if you accept the offer.

The commission you’re willing to pay must be stated on your MLS listing details. We recommend that you offer a commission between 2% – 3% because your listing will be competing with other listings for agent’s attention.

How Many Photos Will I Get?

6 MLS Photos are standard with our 3 Month listing option however you can upgrade that to 25 MAX PHOTOS for only $49.
Our 6 Month Premium listing options includes MAX MLS photos, usually 25! If necessary you can mail in hard copy of your photos to be scanned and uploaded.

Can I Get More Help From the Agent?

Almost all the agents in our network will provide additional services including contract review, negotiating, and close of sale. These services are subject to an additional charge. Included with our Full Service Representation plan.

Do I Have to Pay a Buyer's Agent Commission if I Find my Own Buyer?

No. No additional fees or commissions are paid if you find your own buyer.