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Get The Exposure You Need

MLS Listing By Owner.

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MLS Listing BY Owner Options

All MLS Listing By Owner Options Include:

Listing Syndication

Local MLS,, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and many more.

All MLS Forms and Disclosures

From MLS Listing Agreements to state required property disclosures, all included.

ZERO Listing Commission

You only pay the Flat Fee up-front for your MLS Listing. You pay a Buyer’s Agent if they bring you a Buyer.

You Choose Buyer Agent Fee

Typically between 2-3% but it’s completely up to you.

Sell It Yourself and Pay Nothing Else

If a Buyer finds you and contacts you directly from one of the hundreds of listed sites, you pay no additional commissions to anyone.

Customer Service

We’re here to help with any MLS. Please give us a call anytime: 888.508.1149 or email: [email protected]

Save Your Family Thousands Of Dollars

MLS Listing By Owner.

What To Expect With Your MLS Listing By Owner


Your house is placed on the market and made visible to prospective buyers for a flat fee as low as $99. You will comfortably get through every step of the selling process with an experienced licensed broker there to guide you. When your home sells, you keep more of your hard-earned equity than if you worked with a traditional brokerage firm.

If a buyer without an agent’s representation finds your property via the 100’s+ websites, you retain the right to sell your property yourself without paying any additional commissions or fees to anyone. When buyer’s agent brings you a buyer, you decide their commission, typically 2-3%. Our MLS listing by owner options have high success rates and provide big savings to you. MLS Listing By Owner

mls listing by owner syndication

Fast Local Broker

Locally operated top Flat Fee Broker. Expert in this industry.

Affordable Cost

Flat Fee listing has no hidden fees. No gimmicks, no selling commission.


Maximum Exposure

Local MLS, + Zillow & MANY other sites across the country.

MAX Photos Upgrade

Let’s face it, pictures bring buyers. It’s a simple fact.


State Disclosure Forms

All required selling forms & disclosures are included for $99.

Customer Service

We’re here for you. Don’t be shy, give us a call: 888.508.1149

How much could you save when you list your home with us?

Adjust the home value slider and get your answer.


* Assumes 3% buyers commission, saving could be substantially greater with no buyers commission.

Traditional vs Flat Fee Broker

Get the exposure you need to sell your home and Save Thousands doing it the smarter way.

flat fee mls listing by owner

Get Listed

Quick and easy to sign up! 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re unhappy.

Get Marketed

We put you on the MLS, Zillow & all real estate sites for maximum buyer exposure.


Get Offers

Review your offers, strategize a counter to your liking, and manage your paperwork.

Get Sold

Expert support, friendly staff, answer to all your questions, keeping you stress-free.

MLS Listing By Owner Savings


mls listing by owner savings

$99 MLS Listing

Only a licensed broker can place a property on the MLS. It will then be syndicated to hundreds of sites where buyers & buyer agents can find your property.

Interested Buyers

All buyer leads (phone numbers & email addresses) will be forwarded to you. You set a showing time. You schedule your open houses. You control the sale.

Help Closing

Dozens of additional services are available to help you with the sale of your home. From Contract preparations to offer review. Please call for additional info.

Save Your Family Thousands Of Dollars

MLS Listing By Owner.