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MLS Listing By Owner

The Multiple Listing System (or MLS) is a local database that Realtors use to list and find available properties for sale. Only licensed real estate agents and brokers have access to list on the MLS. A national version of the MLS for searching is Realtor.com
Realtor.com advertises national TV commercials and this is why it is very important to be listed on Realtor.com along with your local MLS. There are over 600 local MLS’ in the country therefore it is very important that you list your property on the correct local MLS so your listing can be in front of the right buyer agents and buyers. The public cannot list on the MLS (or realtor.com), so this is how a Flat Fee MLS Listing, or MLS Listing By Owner or Entry Only FSBO listing work. This is how to list on the MLS.

Special niche flat fee brokers across the country and in your local MLS provide a unique service where for a flat fee they will list your home on the MLS without a long term contract. Their special listing agreements show that you can cancel your listing anytime unlike a traditional listing where you are locked in for 6 months or whatever terms you sign-up for.

That is the beauty of an MLS Listing By Owner… You retain the rights to sell your home FSBO ‘For Sale By Owner’ with an MLS Listing Agreement you can cancel anytime, while benefiting from the exposure of the MLS and Realtor.com + thousands of syndicated website.


Flat Fee MLS Listing Savings

The way the savings works with an MLS Listing By Owner or a Flat Fee MLS listing is you will save at least 1/2 the commissions. Thousands of dollars to be saved here. You can chose to offer what you would like to pay a buyer’s agent (usually between 2-3 percent) if the buyer’s agent brings you a buyer.
However since you can cancel your MLS listing anytime, if all this exposure has found you a buyer with no Realtor then you don’t pay any commissions to anyone. Just the flat fee to get your property listed.

Some MLS’ (depending on area) have minimum buyer’s commission offering requirements, if you give us a quick call and provide us with only the zip code your property is in we can let you know if you need to offer 2% or 3% or even less!

If you have any additional questions please visit our FAQs page, but for the best response and customer service please give us a call.


mls listing by owner flat fee

Save Your Family Thousands Of Dollars

MLS Listing By Owner.